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Google Zeitgeist 2010
December 10, 2010, 5:05 pm
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So I open up Google today and I see, right below the search bar, a little sentence about Google’s annual zeitgeist, their ranking of the top search terms in various categories.  “Ooh!” I think to myself.  “I bet I can make a really interesting blog post based on this!”  Then I read the zeitgeist, and my face falls.

It’s not that there’s anything all that troubling on this zeitgeist, it’s just that there’s nothing all that interesting.  Lots of people searched “world cup” and “haiti earthquake” and “justin bieber”.  These are all things I would completely expect to be the subject of many searches.  There really just aren’t all that many surprises to be found here.

The one thing that did jump out at me in this year’s zeitgeist was how many people were searching for really bizarre nonsense words.  What, exactly, is a “friv” or a “myxer”?  I can kind of guess about “gamezer”, but I have absolutely no idea about “pdanet” (is that a typo?).  And my mind absolutely refuses to contemplate what exactly an “otterbox” could be.  Oh, I can guess that these things are either online services (read: scams) or consumer electronics (read: worthless boxes of wires), but whatever happened to having descriptive names that don’t sound like species of alien fungus?  Actually, thinking back, it’s be kinda cool if “otterbox” was a descriptive name.  But still, as much as I sound like an old fuddy-duddy, is it really so much to ask for names of things to make at least some sense?  But I suppose that’s 2010 for you: earthquakes, soccer, Bieber, and friv.