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Talons, Hollow Realm
January 15, 2011, 7:28 pm
Filed under: music

Recently, I’ve started participating in an album exchange club over at the TV Tropes.  It’s a bit like a book club, only with music.  We each submit an album, and listen to them each round-robin, giving our thoughts on each.  I’ve been writing reviews of the submitted albums, and I thought it might be worthwhile to mirror them here.  This is the album Hollow Realm by Talons.

Much of this album seemed to bleed together to me, and nothing particular stood out about it. Partly I think this is the fault of the mixing; the drums and guitars seem a bit too loud and the bass and strings too soft, making the album sound—forgive me—hollow. In fact, the rhythm section in general seemed to be a bit drowned, and for music like this to be intense, you need a strong beat.

The strings were the highlight of the album. They were a touch of purity amongst the toil and storm of the guitars. Said guitars would play some interesting figures every once and a while, but had a frustrating habit of dropping those figures too quickly and going back to being an angry bed of white noise. My favorite tracks on the album—”In the Shadows of Our Stilted Homes”, “Great Railroads”, and “Hollow Depth”—were the ones that allowed the individual elements of the band some time to shine, rather than just get lost in the din.

These guys definitely have chops and musical ideas in abundance, but I feel like they have trouble organizing everything they think of, leading to music that is somewhat muddled. But this is their first album, so they have lots of room to grow.

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